45 mins ~ Rp350.000 ++

Indulge in our After-Sun Soothing Facial with Fresh Healing Herbs. Our skilled therapist customize the treatment based on your sunburn levels.

We start by cleansing your skin with soothing cold black tea, reducing redness. Then, we apply a cool compress infused with healing herbs like Java turmeric, moringa, black tea, and aloe vera gel for 20 minutes while you enjoy a hand massage. Yellow LED Light Therapy is incorporated to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and promoting healing.

Finally, we complete the facial with our After-Sun Therapeutics Serum to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. Book your appointment today and embrace the healing benefits of this exceptional spa treatment.

Prices are listed in Rupiah and exclude 10% GST and 6% service charge.
Byrdspa - After Sun Head